Monday, January 17, 2011

Chinese farmer got life for evading road toll

Then the judges got suspended. (What??)

In this legal mystery reminiscent of contemporary black-humor Chinese satirical cinema, Shi Junfeng of Henan Province put on a fake military plate on his truck and evaded over 500,000 USD worth of road toll (military vehicles are exempt from tolls). So he got a fine, and... life imprisonment.

Then, in a dramatic turn of events, his brother showed up with a confession: that he was the mastermind behind all this, and that Shi Junfeng had taken the blame for him. Never dreaming he'd get such a heavy sentence, the brother - here's the best part - had already bribed the police and expected to welcome his brother back home shortly.

With public outcry too loud to stifle - (1) exorbitant tolls (2) murder and rape get less - the judges involved (2 of them, plus a clerk) got suspended "for failing properly to investigate the case".

Next time we'd better not complain when we cross those bridges. To be able to return to and live in the bay is a privilege.

Contributed by Ying Jiang
Sources: NYtimes, BBC news

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