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The US-China relationship is complex; China alone is complex. It could be hard to start the understanding from the constant flurry of China-related news reports. This blog, the "China Brief" of FACES (the organization Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford), serves as a via point to classify the information and simplify the understanding for an interested Stanford student (or non-Stanford non-student). If the blog title voices your thoughts, then The China Brief is for you. China is a complicated phenomenon. If you find that a multitude of attitudes, such as frustration, amusement, compassion and anger to name a few, does not suffice to understand the modern China, we'll read, discuss, and learn together through blogging.

Aside from serving daily simple news digests to the student readers, The China Brief aims at providing perspectives and opinions from a wide range of sources on China-related issues. There will be constant student-initiated editorial writings, reporting on real-time relevant events, or simply ruminations crystallized from research and readings. Sometimes you'll see Chinese. It doesn't come untranslated so fear not. The translated articles are aimed at reporting little-known but luminating incidents that escape the Western media, and opinions that provide different perspectives. On top of these, we try to provide further and in-depth reading resources for those who are trying to become sophisticated thinkers of these issues, and, perhaps more relevant to the practical-minded student, of how US posits itself with respect to China in the world today.

The Brief has come through several stages since the beginning of the summer. Originating as a bi-weekly bi-page-l pdf newsletter, it became briefly a news website with articles classified into "news", "editorials" and "translations". As of now the editor has decided, for simplicity and to facilitate interaction, to use a blog format. Any reader is welcome to leave constructive discussion. The China Brief team looks forward to learning and growing with you.

Ying Jiang

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Ying Jiang
Ying Jiang is currently a PhD candidate in Stanford's Chemical Engineering program. Her knowledge and passion for China and US-related cultural issues brought her to create the blog for FACES.

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