Sunday, September 26, 2010

(Assistant) Law Professor Up for Sale

The following are excerpts from the report of a recent incident on the streets of Beijing. This is an incident that reflected possible negative sides of the one-child policy. For the full article, complete with translations, please visit (

我叫杨支柱,原是中国青年政治学院法律系副教授。因妻子意外怀孕,不忍堕胎,于2009年12月21日生下第二个女儿,我今年4月被学校下岗。现在 我工资单上每月应发工资960元,实发工资368元。两个月后再减960元,变负数了。北京市海淀区计划生育委员会又向我征收24万所谓“社会抚养费”, 我无力缴纳,只好把自己卖了。考虑到卖身之后不能照顾孩子了,我希望多卖40万元补偿她们。一口价64万元人民币,谁买我我就给谁当奴隶,鞠躬尽瘁死而后 已。我拒绝好心人的捐助,因为我不想做“超生”孩子身上的寄生虫。

My name is Yang Zhizhu and I was originally an assistant professor at the China Youth University for Political Sciences. My wife got pregnant by accident and did not have the heart to get an abortion. On December 21, 2009 she gave birth to our second daughter. In April this year, I was laid off by the university. My monthly salary should be 960 yuan, but I now only get 368 yuan. Two months later, they deducted another 960 yuan. Moreover, the Haidian district family planning committee have asked me to pay 240,000 yuan “Social Upbringing Fee”. I don't have money and I can only pay the bill by getting myself sold. Since I won't be able to take care of my children after being sold, I want to mark my price higher to 640,000 yuan. Whoever decides to buy me, I will become their slave and serve them until I die. I reject donations as I don't want to become a parasite for the sake of my child.

答:不该交。孩子是我们自己在养,不是社会或者政府在养。我们若楠连户口都没有,在中国这样一个无证寸步难行的国家,没有户口意味着没有被承认为一个人, 完全不能享有作为人最起码的权利,更不要说社会福利了,跟养了条宠物狗差不多。中国政府并没有对养宠物狗征收“社会抚养费”呀。若楠唯一享受的社会福利大 概就是免费注射一类疫苗了,那都是几块钱一支、最多几十块钱一支的便宜疫苗,贵一点的二类疫苗还是要交钱的。而若楠出生以后他们把若一曾经享受的独生子女 费和我工资中的“幼补”都要回去了,四年就有两千多块,已经远远超过若楠免费注射疫苗的成本了。何况若楠长大后还要纳税,一个人一生所纳的税扣除他(她) 幼年、晚年、生病和失业时所享受的社会福利外应该还有剩余…

Q: Why do you refuse to pay the “Social Upbringing Fee”?
A: There is no reason to pay. We feed our own kids, not society nor the government. Our Renan (second daughter's name) does not even enjoy proper household registration. In a country like this, without household registration, you are not recognized as a human being and do not enjoy any rights, not to mention social welfare. It is like feeding your pets. However, Chinese government does not demand that pet owners pay “social upbringing fee”. The only social welfare that Renan has enjoyed so far was a free vaccination, it costs a couple of yuan or at most tens of yuan. We have to pay for the more expensive ones. Moreover, after Renan was born, the subsidy for my first kid was taken away. This sum would have exceed the cost of all the vaccinations. When Renan grows up, she has to pay tax, the amount will also exceed all the benefit she will receive in her whole life….